Smart Sex: How to Protect Yourself in the Age of AIDS

This 23-minute video shows a young couple discussing the role of AIDS in their decision to have a sexual relationship. Their friends and the two colorful moderators add varying viewpoints to their decision-making. Jay Gruska composed the original musical score. Price $139.95 plus tax, shipping and handling This includes a brief study guide for students and teachers. Topics covered are: " Are you ready for a sexual relationship? " How does getting wasted on drugs and alcohol affect your decision to have sexual relations? " Does the risk of other sexually-transmitted diseases (STD's) affect your decision? " Are condoms effective in cutting down the risk of transmitting HIV? " What are some common misconceptions about AIDS and HIV? " What's my personal risk of being infected with HIV? " How many teens are actually infected? " What's the role of HIV testing? Should I be tested?